How much BOOST!


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Oct 22, 2005
Going to track this weekend, how much boost can i run on 110 octane, te-44, and 36lb injectors, thanks
Assuming the car is running right at stock boost level. I would start at 15psi and keep raising boost 1-2 psi tilll egt,wideband o2,or stock o2's are within range w/ NO knock at WOT. It will take a few short blasts down the track to get the boost dialed in all gears. Keep an eye on knock and o2 values!! I usually let off when I see more than 2deg, but that's me. Good luck, be safe, and most of all have fun!!!

If you dont have a scanmaster, I wouldn't go over 20psi. If you do have a scanmaster, keep going up by 1 psi increments until you get knock retard. Don't trust my judgement, but with 110 octane I would THINK that you can go 23-25 psi. Just be CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!