How much boost?

Ok i have an 87 regal it has 3'' up pipe, 3''maf pipe, and upper intake plenum spacer, billet adjustable fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure gauge with braided line test pipe and dual exhaust. . Im running on about 15-16lbs of boost.. how much fuel pressure should i be running...and how to check? Can i turn it up more???
You need to purchase a fuel pressure gauge, id go to napa or oreillys and get a gauge that you can install and remove once the fuel pressure is set.

I suggest getting a gauge that doesnt sit on the rail, they can leak and if rattled alot, they dont read correctly.

There is a schrader valve behind the alternator on the fuel rail just north of the fuel pressure regulator.

I wouldnt turn the boost up, and no need to turn the fuel up if the car isnt lean.

Id get a Turbotweak chip and Julio's razor methanol kit, set the fuel pressure to 43psi, boost to 22psi and tune the car.

Then start looking for tires:biggrin:

With the vacuum hose removed from the fuel pressure regulator, the fuel pressure can be anywhere between 40 and 45....

If the car is rich, lean it down closer to 40PSI, if its lean, take it higher...

I assume stock injectors and chip?

43 is standard with erics chips

If it was mine, i would monitor knock and varify wide open throttle timing.

If the timing is high, then leave the boost where its at, maybe with a little better fuel you can start turning the boost up.

Id set the fuel pressure at 44-45 psi and see how the car reacts....

Where is the fuel pressure set at now, any issues with the car,,,, rich at idle?