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May 24, 2001
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Ok what I really need to know is whats the minimum voltage the tps has to show to allow TCC lock up. I'm trying to figure out why my TC doesn't lock up until 55 mph. I've tried 4 chips, 2 computers, and 2 trannys. I've also changed the 4th gear pressure switch in tranny number 1. I don't think I'm satisfying tps voltage until I'm 55mph in 4th but I need to know what it has to be to double check that.

As always thanks for the assistance.
Just a dumb thought...

But have you cked the speedo? I have seen three things here. One is you have a 145 mph speedo conversion by installing decal and reducer in the cable line. This fools the vss. Vss is more the player than tps.
also, have the speedo gears been changed? maybe by mistake?
then tires, tire diameter will have an effect. now combine either of the two or three and it can fool ya. Also , go pace the car against something you know is right.
Anyway if you have tried these items forget it, but just a thought to ponder....:D

I can't explain this

The TCC locks up in third at 45mph!!! If I shift it into 4th it unlocks and won't lock up again until 55mph. My scanmaster 2.1 reads the vss signal and I had Red burn a chip to lock the TC at 23 or 24mph or whatever the vss says when I'm really doing 45mph. Well it works in 3rd but not in 4th. The factory chip locks the TC at 75mph:eek: so I know Red changed the lock up for 3 and 4th gear. I spoke with Red on this one and he says the only thing left to check is TPS voltage in 4th at 45mph. So I'm going to check this but I need to know whats the minimum voltage needed to satisfy lockup. I wish I had a recalibrated Speedo but I don't and I would rather fix what I have than sell and buy if I can. Thanks.:)
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Honestly...I don't know....:(

Well now, that sucks.:D

How about we just chalk this one up as "twilight zone" material and let the dang thing lock up at 55. Its really not that big of a deal. I was just wondering if I could quick fix it.

Hey how many times have you not known the answer to a 200r question? I think I should win a prize or something.:cool:

Thanks for the brainwaves.

I would like to see a direct scan of this. Just for giggles. I do have one idea but you ready to get wet? Or oily should I say? Tell me you put a drain plug in the pan? Please? Well , it is your hair. If you are up for it , let me know and I will put into motion.
I aint typing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrgggg..

And , no prize....... Not the first time I have been stumped and surely wont be the last!!! LOL :D

But... in all honesty... I am not stumped yet... Heheheheh :D
How about this.

I just purchased a tranny from a fellow board member (re-evaluting). When it comes in I plan on installing it. Sooooooo if there is something you can suggest, I can definately do it during the swap. I don't have t-link tho:( . Thankyee Brucey.:)