How Ridiculous is this

There are some things I try not to get in my subconcious like porn, beheadings, etc.

You Sir... Just Scarred me for Life. :eek:
WOW, that was a challenge to get thru with a staight face. And we think the kids here have a styling issue, geeezzzzzzzz.
This is the biggest wing i ever seen:p


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I missed the memo that said the 4' long chin spoiler was the "in" thing.

What the heck is the snorkle coming out of the hoods of some of those cars and pointing back 4'. Is that their intake or exhaust? either way its only 2" pipe.
that is some funny crap! I couldnt help but to laugh at some of those cars. I like the one with the ski ramp looking rear spoiler.
Uggh...I don't feel so good.

I like the enormous cow-catchers on the front of those. Those are cartoonish. Seems like the builders are going for that overkill/tongue in cheek effect. On that level, they are amusing.
I find it ironic that ricers in the US have decals of Japanese words on their cars and ricers in Japan have decals of American words on their cars. It makes me wonder if the owners realize what the words even mean (for example the "Sexy Crown" on the white car at the top of this post).
Am I missing something???? First 13' Daytons were cool, then 16's, then Fast n Furious stuff, but what the hell is this???? Ive never seen anything like that before ---Exhaust that sticks 8 ft out of the car and fender flares that are 10ft wide and even real PARK BENCHES FOR WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this real or what?? New California craze?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ---- Laughing my butt off -----Jeremy
This is what happens when the Japanese tried to bring back Knight Rider. KITT with the "TURBO BOOST" button made that happen. :)