How should i take of the dash cluster cover?


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Jul 5, 2003
It seems at one time or another someone had the clear cover to my digital dash off and got fingerprints all over the inside of it, which is realyl annoying me because it always looks dirty. my question is, does the cluster cover just pop off? and when i get that off, how do i get that clear cover off of the guage cluster? also, one of the screws that is on the inside of the clear cover(these are only on digital dashes i beleive) came off and that is also very annoying. does anyone know the ecaxt kind of screw this is so i can replace it? its just getting on my nerves because theres just a big white hole where the screw should be
Clear plastic is held on with some small metric capscrews. If you have to remove it altogether, the trip meter re-set knob screws off the stem. Could break off. I would get a screw from an analog Buick speedo in the junkyard. 95% sure it would be the same.
I've had these out several times. Once you get the trim plate off, you can take the lens off with out removing everything. There should be 4 shiney headed hex head screws that need to be removed. The trip reset knob comes off by gently turning counter clockwise. Your missing screw is used on everything so a used one will be easy to find. One tip I might pass on to you. When those two little screws are removed they also take a little of the black on the speedo head off. Get yourself some semi gloss plastic model paint and a small detail brush and carefully paint where the white is and when you go to remove the screws use the right size screwdriver so you dont mar the heads as these are really soft aluminum. Also if you want to clean the face of the speedo be very carefull as it will scratch. I have used eyeglass cleaning cloths with good results here.

Eric Fisher
Thanks Eric, i will try that tomorrow. i went ahead and picked up a few extra screws and two extra plastics pieces from the junkyard, just in case
I have thought about doing this on mine and hear that Eastwood plastic polish restores the clear lens well. Anyone have any experience with it?