How to adjust the rocker arms


Is there any procedure to adjusting the rocker arms? I found where you torque them down to 44 ft lbs but is there a sequence to torque them in? Do you just do them all at the same time with #1 in TDC? Or do you do certain ones then rotate the motor over? Thanks, Jason
The only thing thats important is the pushrod is correctly seated. I would advise you inspect the fulcrums on the rockers to see if they need replacement. Also your valvetrain is non adjustable, but typically lash is to be .035 thou on preload. No way to adjust this on your TTA heads unless you get adjustable pushrods or roller rockers.

Technically you should only torque them down when the valve is closed or you will get a false reading on the torque wrench. If you do it right, you only need to turn the engine once to get all the valves.

44Lb/ft, hmmmmm I have always used "German Torque" (goodentight) on mine and never had any problems but I am pretty good at getting really close on torque values anyways (lots of experience working on aircraft) so mine are probably torqued to about 40-45 Lb/ft anyways.