How to clean fuel tank??


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Sep 4, 2004
What's the best way to clean your fuel tank? I have it out for a fuel pump change and noticed some junk at the bottom and some slight surface rust on the non baffle areas. Thanks.
Maybe wet dry vac with a small nozzle pretty tight space in there, thats what i would do, only entry is from where you pull the pump and sending unit out of.
gas tank

Is it sludged with serious goop? Mine sat up for 7 years. I took a water hose and filled it 1/3-1/2 with water. Had a friend hold one end while I held the other and then we turned it upside down and shook the s&!t out of it. Did this several times until just mainly water was coming out. Then I took a gallon of denatured alcohol and did the shake it,turn it upside down thing,several timeswith the denatured alcohol. Last gallon of alcohol came out as clean as it went in. The alcohol will dry out any water, Just let it sit in the sun a little while when you're thru. I haven't had any problems.
Id be carefull with the shop vac and fumes chances are youd be ok but you never know .
i would have a radiator shop clean it out. dont need to blow your self up...