How to get clear coat off wheels of tta?


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The clear coat of the tta wheels is flaking off etc....and I would like to get it all there an easy way?

I assume I can polish the rim of the wheel with mothers after its all off right? To keep up the shine.
Aircraft stripper worked great on mine, just don't let it sit too long. Then polish them and be amazed how good they look.
I used plain old paint remover from a hardware store on my SS rims and it worked great, just don't get it on your skin - it stings a bit.
I used some Muriatic acid.. hehe.
Talk about some serious stripping action!
Cleaned them up nicely.. Just REALLY REALLY don't get it in your eyes or on your skin. It will melt you.
Yup, Muriatic acid available at most garden centers, home depots etc. Made for etching stone. Real good acid.

Use a 4-5 foot brush and wear gloves and a breathing apparatus. :)

If you inhale it you will be coughing up a lung.... :D
Hey....when I was a kid I worked for a plastering contractor. I thought I'd do a real nice job cleaning up the tools. The plasters always kept a bucket of water/acid mix for washing their hands and arms at the end of the day, seemed to work great. Well, I took my boss's tools and hit them with the acid thinking it would remove the old plaster. Sure enough took off the old plaster and half of his tools!


You can use Muriatic acid on aluminum but it has to be diluted and you can't leave it on very long. Make sure you clear coat afterwards because with that original clear coat gone the rims will get bad real quick.