how to install new servo???


Breaking parts
May 28, 2001
just curious on the procedure for this?? and can it be done with the tranny in the car? thanks

I put mine in while it was in the car, But it is waaay easier to do when it is out. Push in on servo and remove snapring. Remove old servo and install new one. Make note of order of spring and inner pistons and seal orientations to be sure everything will work correctly. Use plenty of CLEAN tranny fluid to lube seals and o-rings so they don't stick and move out of grooves when installing. I fragged that outer o-ring the first time I put mine in cause it came out of the groove and was cut when I pushed the cover on ( big leak ). Just take your time and double check everything before final assembly. That snap ring will have you cussing if you are gonna do it in the car. HTH's -Chuck.