how to make a hot air move


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Feb 6, 2009
Hi, I'm new to the GN world. I just bought a 1984 Grand National, still can't believe I have one, but I was wondering what is the best thing to do to this car to make it fast without building a motor? Is there a good combination to make it run well? The car has 61xxx original miles on it.
Are you talking simple mods?? on the cheap, nothing major yet?
is it all stock BONE STOCK as of now, nothing upgraded??

Congrats on getting a GN;)

My list but not limited to would be:rolleyes:

Fuel pump n hotwire kit from
K&N cone Air filter 3x9 (autozone brand Spectre air filters are good2)
Spring cleaning(tune up,fluids etc etc)
Oil and tranny cooler
Better mufflers(your choice but not flowmaster)
Electric fan(again your choice but get a good one)
Adj FPR or 237 FPR
Shift kit
If you want you can GUTT your cat convertor(simple long pipe n few mins of banging haha) make the turbo work better but some dig it some don't. They sell HI flow units also.

Should wake up your car n help with later mods if you choose to do anything else.;)

After this its all gonna be kinda big money/or same but up 2 you.
86/87 ECM convert w/ TT chip
MAf translator w/ LS1 MAF
Turbo upgrade
bla bla bla
its all up to you what your goals are.
If like me, you just want get more outta what you got already. Then just update the car n it will run great:cool:

If you can post some pics of the car/engine.
Do lots of research and ask questions. You really have to do your homework with one of these cars.
Do lots of research and ask questions. You really have to do your homework with one of these cars.

This statement is very very true. There are only a small group of people on this board who understand the issues of a hot air car moving fast. It can be very expensive as well. Brad
i was thinking of an intercooler, 60 injectors, 87 ecm, alchohol inj., programer, fuel pump hot wire, uping the boost, 87 ign. so how will this do, and what am i forgeting? thanks for the input also.
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