how to put a TTA on jack stands


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I need to get a floor jack under the TTA and get it on jack stands.

I assume putting the stand under the rearend and raising it there is no problem, but where can I raise the car in the front?

Any advice on a good way to get these cars in the air?
I usually take a jack in from the driver side and go under the lower A arm at the spring cup, get it up about 6" and put a couple stacked 2x4's under driver side tire. This should give you enough room to clear the IC shroud and get to the K- member from the front. HTH:)
Here is what I do for what ever it is worth. When I have to get the front up I like to be able to pull the wheel. Even if I am not working in the fenders I find it easier to get in, out, and to move around under the car with the wheel gone.

I put a block of wood in the cup on my jack and raise the car at the "frame" rails. Actually, the frame like rails stamped into the floor pan. These are the same rails the trans cross member bolts to. I suspend the car with heavy jack stands. I do, however, drop a couple of 1/8" thick pieces of flat stock into the cradle of the jack stand head. Most stands have little lips on the outer edges of the cradle. This will make a nice little depression into our thin floor pans. The bar stock fills the gap to provide a nice flat surface over which the weight is distributed. Be carefull of the placement, make sure the care is stable and will not slideoff the stands.

A few other notes. I like to unlock the t-tops, crack the windows a few inches, and unlock the hatch. This way the car can flex as you jack it up and not put pressure on the glass. I have nover broken anything, nor have I ever heard of anyone who has, I just like to play it safe. Also, if you open the door and it will not reclose do not force it. The car flexed when the door opened. Take the car down and close it. I also like to stagger side to side as I raise the car so as not to induce a lot of flex at one time. Wathc the floors (underside) as you crank the jack up, you will see it flex.

Doors open and close fine if you have some HD subframes welded in.


I usually jack mine up on the drivers side as well..then move to the pass side. Or drive it onto some blocks..when drivabale :D
I need some SFC's myself, just not found the time. I am not doing anything with the car that would make them necessary, I just hate the noise the thing makes at times. A little additional strength never hurts either.

I also have to go at the drivers side first. The Terry Houston down pipe make a jack a tight fit on the pass. side untill the body is up a hair.

:D My 3ton $99 Craftsman floor jack and stands just don't like to fit under the car untill I get it up a little (yes I have to jack the car up to jack the car up).
I usually drive up on some 2" thick blocks (butcher block table chuncks) and then slide the floor jack under and raise the car by the swaybar and place the stands under the swarbar mounts on the frame. Stable as hell and no twisting of hte body by jacking one corner.
When not running I use a little $20 autozone 1.5T floorjack under the A-arm to get it high enough to get the big jack under it.

Also, when you have it on 4 stands, have 2 on the frame and 2 on the suspension (usually under the rear axle) so if it isn't all even all 4 stands still are supporting the weight. That way a stand can't get kicked out if it is 1 notch lower.