How to remove door window?


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May 25, 2001
I will be replacing the outter window felt and assume that the whole window needs to be removed. Should I have the window in the up position when taking the bolts out? Or should the window be all the way down? Is there any other bolts that need to be removed besides the 4 that hold the glass and the 2 stops at either end of the door?
You don't need to remove the window...roll window all the way down...remove door panels then remove the 2 metal guides with the felt on them at the top of the inner part of the door...they are held on with a bolt...the window slides against them...mark where they are so you can align them back...this will allow the window to be moved against the inner part of the door and give room to get to the screws that hold the weatherstrip...what you need is a phillips screwdriver needs to fit in between the glass and the head of the screw but not need to have about a 1/8 gap so that you can turn the screw out...I put the bit in a ratchet box wrench with a little tape around the bit to hold it in the wrench...wedge the bit(in the wrench) between the glass and the screw head and loosen the can push lightly on the glass to put pressure on the bit when turning...I also put some duct tape on the glass where the bit contacts it so I don't scratch it...
To add to what Scott said and make it a little easier, there is a bottom stop for the glass held in with one bolt. Remove this stop and the glass will go to the bottom of the door, and give lots of clearance to remove the screws for the felt.