How to Tune Q-jets?

Big Paul

Bob Barker
Dec 9, 2001
I know Quadrajets when tuned up properly are one of the best carbs you can get.

My question is, where is the AIR/FUEL thing on the carb to get it dialed in right?

When I bought the car the carb was all whacked out and it sucks so much gas and is running super rich. I know that it'll be hard w/o a air fuel ratio guage, but I need to just tune it down a bit, until I can really get it dialed in right.

Can you guys help?
HP Books
has a book called Quadrajets by Doug Roe.
You need to sit down and start reading adn reading it. Exceelent info but you need to get a general grasp of the whole thing there is no one element to begin to get one right.

Thanks Bruce, i'll look into it!

What kind of info does it have?

Everything about q-jets?
Yes everything you ever wanted to know about tuning and tweaking Q-jets. I got my book at B&N for 17.95, they had to order to for me. The main jets up front should be about 4 3/4 turns out(roughly) if the TPS is not set right that can make you run rich to.
Want year carb?
When was the last time the O2 was replaced?
Have no clue!

Have no clue when the 02 sensor was last changed, but the carb. is an '83 original carb.

My friend sold me this car, and another guy tweeked on it, and screwed it up.

And I don't know jack squat about q-jets, so im sorta stuck.
I would have the carb tuned at a shop (about $50) then change the O2. Get doug's book and read and reread the book. Try to find a spare carb at a junkyard to play with & learn. Write down your carb number before going, I have had most places try to sell me the wrong carb. They will try to tell you that it will work,don't beleive them.

These are very informative books. You can pick it up at your local Checker/Kragen for about $20. If they can't find it let me know and I will call the store near you and give them instructions on how to find it.:D

Also they have one turbochargers. HPBooks # hp49. Very informative on how to turbo about anything.