How to wire dual fans from Interpred?"


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Hey I just installed a dual fan set-up from a Dodge Interpred. How do you wire the fans up? I see the stock wiring has 3 wires and the dual fans have 4 wires? Also, do these draw too much current for the stock wiring? Thanks
I have seen too many of these "plug and play" harnesses crap out at the connection (including one of my own on a different car, but made by Caspers) so I would rather avoid that or do my own. But I was pretty sure there was a way to wire the fans up using the stock wiring. Pretty sure you still have to use the resistor too. If anything, does someone have a wiring diagram for the fans (stock) and for the Dodge fans? I could figure it out from there. Thanks
Here's how I did mine. I got the pigtail adapter (at the time from Ramchargers) that directly adapted the dual fan to the stock fan connector. When I did this, the ground wire was overloaded and got hot. So I altered the adapter to run the 2 ground wires directly to ground separately and left the 2 power wires alone. All went well with that and I didn't have to alter the factory wiring/connector.

The reliability of the fan, however, is a different story.
I dont remember how I did mine years ago but I do remember cutting off the dual fan connector for some reason? Still have the original connector from the car. Take a look at Racetronix site as they have a kit with a few pics?