how's your car wash


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Jun 3, 2009
hellp peoples: I don't wash my car but I wipe it down with a fiber cloth and my paint is snot the best. I witnessed a touchless car wash the other day where the wash goes around your car with soap and then blows it off. It might be the way to go. I kinda liked it.

hello peoples: I go to that car wash that has that touchless wash. I go to the regular wash for my DD. I pay over 30$ a month to be able to get a wash once a day every day. To do that with the TL it's like $50 a month. That price is I'd say is at my cut off. But thinking of the TL it's done by pressure (I think) and that might be bad.
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Hand wash at home with plenty of low pressure water flow to flush the grit away.
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The problem with touchless car washes is not the pressure but it's the chemicals they use. They are pretty harsh and will strip your wax protection after a couple of washes then they can start working on the paint itself. Most of them do have cycles where they have conditioners and surface protectants that help but it will still eventually break your wax down. I do use them though when I just need to touch the car up a little. The good thing is the touchless will not swirl the paint on a black car like the brush washes do. As long as you keep up on your wax, touchless should be fine but still, nothing beats a good hand washing if the car is really dirty.