Huge thanks to RJC Racing, Gbodyparts, and Precision Turbo!


May 24, 2001
Huge thanks to RJC Racing, Gbodyparts, and Precision Turbo (Patrick Rubio)! They are making my rebuild of my '86 WH1 T-Type very good and enjoyable!! It's so hard to get parts and they all have went way beyond to get me parts. Great vendors!!

Thank you!!
Chad Schwartz
Chad you have been around forever. Seeing your name recently makes me think of when I started this folly 2 decades ago.
Got a link to those sites? ;)
Yes, I do. :)

Hope that helps!! Fantastic people!
RJC racing CALL THEM!! No on-line store that takes your money. RJ is amazing and quick.
Gbodyparts you can do on-line buys and e-mail or call them.
Precision Turbo is just amazing. All works.
The best people I've been working with during my build has been gbodyparts and RJC Racing and Precision Turbo.

Full Throttle Speed is up there too but behind some.
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