Husek 3021 Non Locking Converter For Sale


Mar 11, 2014
I have a Dave Husek 3021 Non-Locking converter for sale. Has four 1/4 mile passes and maybe 10 street miles before I blew a head gasket. Converter is 1 1/2 years old. Replaced due to new engine and new matching converter. Used B&M Trickshift Fluid.

See information from below.

New cost $699.99.

$525 plus shipping

TBP 245mm 3021 Torque Converter - 2600-3000 stall

This is by far the best torque converter option available for the Turbo Buick. This converter technology was developed by TBP in 2012 and is now the most popular torque converter for vehicles at full weight down to 10.00 ET. It drives around town like a stock converter and delivers the power when called upon. Don't make any mistakes and order from anyone else whom are selling my product. I custom design each converter to the specifics of your vehicle. Match this with one of our transmission templates for the best possible performance. This product comes with a one year warranty and TBP tech.

Available in Lock-up and Non Lock-up
Available with High Flow(HF) option
Available for 200-4R, 700-R4, TH400, TH350, 4L80-E and many other popular transmissions

Time slips with this converter please

I have the lock-up version of this one, here is the slip.

car has 80lbs injectors, 6265BB turbo, powerstroke IC, alky, ported iron heads, 3” full exhaust. Pass was at 27#, 10 off footbrake, 3600 pounds with driver and DA was in the low 4Ks. Tucson dragway which has a decent amount of elevation.


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I went and looked in the car but did not see them. So many things have happened since BG 2018 I’ve probably lost them. I believe my best 60’ was 1.59x with an 11.3x at 121.xx in the 1/4. I was running slicks and left at less than 5 pounds of boost.

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Thank for the weight
I was trying to fit it a flat rate box

The converter is almost an inch taller than the flat rate box. Maybe have the shipper try to refold the bottom flaps of the box to make it fit and look flat on top
I checked dimensions on the box and it is 14.5 x 14.5 x 9.75. Shows 29 pounds on label from Husek so assuming some fluid remains I put in 30 pounds. Shows $82.40 to ship to 96701, just picked a place in Hawaii. I prefer to ship in original box due to the way it is packaged.

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Thanks that’s the best way to ship
I need to try something different just got to talk myself into spending the cash
these are good converters
10.55 @ 124 mph with a old school TA61, old action fab 1 1/2 intercooler. Gave me a 1.49 60 foot. Stalled 2600 @ 1psi and 4200 @ 17 psi in my combo.
they work well.