HydroBoost Problems


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Jun 5, 2001
My hydroboost is leaking power steering fluid. I chnaged all the pressure lines that run to it and that cleaned it up some. It still seems to be leaking from the actual booster though. Is there a way to seal it up without buying a new $150 part :eek:? The picture I have of one looks like its not all that fun to try and replace. I know the 3 hours I spent on the pressure lines weren't fun:mad: Where would it even leak from near the middle?
I guess I'm going to break down and change it. Is there anything tricky I should know about when replacing it? I see a shaft runs through the middle of the unit. Is it hard to get your hands on the end of it to disconnect it? I'm not sure how all that works together so will it affect my master cylinder where I may need to re-bleed my lines?Thanks
I feel your pain man:( . Mine leaks in the same damn spot as yours. I haven't changed it yet, just put some of that stop leak stuff in it and it did work. I still want to get the actual problem fixed though. I'v heard that it is a real pain to do that job because there is some kind of spring in there that would not be fun to put back in. If you want to do it yourself, go nuts and tell me how it went. Soryy i couldn't be of more help to ya. Good luck:)
How'd that stop leak work out? I''ve always heard horror stories about using stuff like that. Plus this stuff not only runs to the hydroboost but to the power steeering pump and the steering rack:eek: I'd hate to ruin that.
I believe you can buy a re-seal kit from the dealer for these units. I heard this a year or so ago on the old board, but have no personal experience, so...

I DO know this, my cousin (a mechanic) had a '99 chev truck in his shop, and I noticed IT had the same hydraboost unit on it! So it's evidently not an outdated unit!

Mine went about a month ago. FIX IT NOW. I was at a stoplight
and the pedal went all the way to the floor, man it was scary.
They can be rebuilt by a brake/clutch rebuilder in the larger cities, or you can by a rebuild from Autozone, Pep Boys etc. A new one from the dealer is $413.00 while the rebuilt, with a lifetime warranty is $150. I have the facoty chassis manual, and you really don't want to do this at home.
It's actually very easy to replace the unit. There are four bolts under the dash. Those are the hardest thing to do and they're only hard because you have to lay on the floor on your ribs to get to them. Remove the cotter pin holding the rod to the brake pedal, remove two bolts holding the master cylinder to the booster remove the lines and you're done. It's very simple. You don't even HAVE to remove the brake lines.

At least you're lucky. Mine leaked inside the car under the carpet. I thought my carpet was just getting dirty really fast until I felt that it was oily. I ended up replacing it and the unit at the same time.

I've also seen these units on newer cars, mostly diesel trucks.
Brake Lever Problems

I spent 3 hours on the job last night and it still isn't fixed. Everything was easy except the top right bolt cause I've never bought a swivel set so you couldn't get the rachet with extension up there so it was click turn, click turn. I can't seem to get the stupid brake lever shaft to the booster back on the pedal lever. Its almost like I need another set of hands to hold the booster over while I get the shaft back on.