Hydroboost question


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Jan 10, 2007
I am currently gathering all the parts required to conver my 1987 Regal T's powermaster brake set up over to a hydroboost set up. Yesterday I picked up a remanned Hydroboost by Cardone. Inside is a slip of paper that reads:

You must reuse the master cylinder spring, pushrod and spring retainer from the original hydroboost when installing this replacement unit.

This is the first time I've ever messed with a hydroboost brake set up. However when I put the hydroboost and the master cylinder together, it looks as if there was already a push rod inside the hydroboost? It even fit snugly up against the master cylinder and would require a little bit of a push to get the two to seat up.

Obviously since I'm doing a conversion, I do not just have an old hydroboost to rob any parts off of that I need. I'm a little confused here....does anyone have a pic of this part or know where I can get it?

Thanks in advance
You don't have to switch anything at all. I don't know of anyone who had to do that with a Cardone, including myself. Put the unit in straight out of the box. All the units I have seen have that note in them. :)