Hydroboost rebuild

hot air 84GN

May 7, 2009
Has anyone rebuilt the 1984-1985 Hydroboost? Seals kit etc? Heard it wasn’t too complex. Does the mounting bracket need to be removed ? (Snap ring, large nut) Or can I just break it apart and work with the bracket remaining on. It leaked from both sides of the firewall finally. Replacing the inner seals should keep it from leaking I’m thinking. Was hoping not to have to remove the bracket and nut- from back interior side of unit. Videos out there on YouTube but none exactly like this unit. Thanks for any advice/knowledge
If you have a 1984-85 hydroboost unit you can have it rebuilt.
I did not have the tools to do the rebuild
Go to the Rock Auto website and find the rebuilt form and ship it to them.
They send YOUR unit to Cardone have it rebuilt and send it back to you.
I had mine done and it works great even had a spare done
I think it was around $140.00
I bought a kit of rubber bits from a place called pirate jack or something like that. I think off eBay. Unit is working so I didn't crack it open yet but hope this is what is needed when the time comes.
I also bought the kit.
But after watching videos and how they removed the big nut that is on there I decided to go the Rock Auto route.
Link to vid?
Can't see that splitting a unit would be that much but I've not done more than swap units out so it might be a lot. I'd like to peruse the vid and see what they did.
I'm looking for the video, the ones I see now are not for the 52-7211 unit
They are rebuilding the GM Duramax
I appreciate your guys help. I purchased a unit like my original at prior automotive. Unit 3700270. Sweeting performance also was quick to help. I spoke with both. They’ll both use your core. I didn’t realize the one I purchased needed the mounting adapter changed. I’m happy, the part looks original. I decided not to rebuild mine. No body wanted any part of doing it. Rockauto may be the way to go .
you should have someone local in your area that can rebuild it ? GM used similair units on ther diesel trucks , call your local parts store and ask where the nearest Brake and sterring rebuilder is ,