I bought an 84 Regal Limited today!!!


Oct 16, 2002
This is awesome!! Now I have a Buick for a daily driver as well!!

My Toyota Corolla that my parents bought new in 1992 (gave to me 3 years ago) finally bit the dust last week on me on the interstate..at midnight..about 2 hours from my destination. Blew a hole straight thru the block..

Anyway I planned to just put another motor in it, I towed it to the city that I was headed to near the local junkyard..which had the same motor I needed for $300..and headed back here a couple days later because I had to be back at work..anyway long story short..got tired of waiting to save up enough to go back and fix the car so I got on the classifieds today..found an 84 Regal local on the net and went and got it for CHEAP!!! Runs and drives and everything!! 3.8 V6 and a 3 speed auto..anyone know what trans is in this thing? I don't know anything about 84's..it's silver with maroon interior..pretty nice actually!! Anyway yay for having a Buick as a daily driver!! Hope it's reliable :)