I/C Mount


Dec 6, 2006
Just replaced my intercooler yesterday....my question is where does the passenger side bracket mount to? mine was loose once the intercooler was out, able to swing it side to side...i was under the car but broke my shop light, and smacked my elbow so I wisely walked away...i know it mounts underneath, but is it a bolt to the front cover or some other kind of attachment ?
there should eb a special studded bolt in the lower corner of the timing cover
ist std thread into the block and the nut portion is std but the threaded portion that sticks out is metric m8x1.25

the pass I/C bracket slides on and then a nut , the nut used is same as the ones around the engine like on the dipstick to header bolt mount, alternator rear to header bolt under the bumper holding the support on and the bumper mount
Pics of this bracket??

Does anyone have a pic they can post of the pass side intercooler bracket mounted? I missplaced mine while the motor was out and would like to see a pic of it? Thanks guys,
Might need to shine a light on this, or can you see what you need?


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Thanks for the pics. Can you show a pic of the intercooler itelf on the pass side? I still can't find my bracket. Thanks,