I have a 1985 and am new to this.


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Sep 4, 2018
I have been given a 1985 GN. It was my father in laws. He bought it new. It has about 80k on the odometer, and has been sitting for 22 years in his garage on jack stands. I go to pick it up next week. I will be trouble shooting it and trying to get it started and running again. My biggest concern will be getting the fuel out of the gas tank, and the easiest way to do that. If anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome, and greatly appreciated. I am hoping nothing else is really wrong with the car. My father in-law seems to think that there isn't. I will change the oil, plugs, wires, and fuel before starting it. If anyone else has any suggestion of things I should check before doing that please let me know. My over all goal for the car is to make it a good reliable daily. I would like to get a little more power out of it but do not plan on going crazy. It seem that there are not a lot of performance support for these cars anymore, but if anyone knows anything that can help me please let me know. Thanks in advance.
My suggestion would be to drop the fuel tank and empty it that way to make sure that you get out all the crud that might be in there. With the gas being that old, it could be all gummed up. Not sure though, it might be gas from before the ethanol days. It might even be too corroded to even use anymore. Same with all the fuel lines, unless they were stainless. Either way, give the entire fuel system a good once over and run some kind of solvent through it and let it come out of the fuel rail until it's clean. Just my two cents. I'm not an expert though.

Anyone else?
After sitting for 22 years, the fuel tank and pump/sender will be trash.

A GN stored for 20 years I recently got running had black "tar" in the tank, and another stored less than 20 years had the same condition.

After replacing these tanks and pump/senders, I put a gallon or so of gas in the tank and pumped it through the system into a container.

Both cars started and ran fine, and of course the oil and filter were replaced first.
Yes, I have decided to replace the tank and fuel pump. Will probably replace the fuel sending unit as well.
Oh Boy, what u have is a GOLD DIGGER. I had to learn myself, once u get hooked up with the right guys/girls that will point u in the right direction the 1st. time u will be ok. Its plenty of helpful people on this board. Might want to take ur injectors out and have them cleaned or replaced. Check electrical wires might be ok if it was stored inside. Brakes also, it good to go, but better to stop.
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That sounds like a really cool garage find, post some pics! Not to many 85s with low miles and all original. IMO I would leave it mostly stock and enjoy it. Hot air cars are a PIA to make run well in IMO. My first TR was an 85 WH1 that was a real love hate relationship.

The 85's can have either a hydroboost or powermaster brake system. Either one you will also want to replace the brake fluid too.
Here are some pictures. Some POS broke into the car 22 years ago, before it went into the garage, and stole the gauge cluster, dash piece and center console , and T handle. I bought a new center console, but still need the dash piece and the gauges if anyone knows where I can get one.


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If you need a gauge cluster, check out GNS Performance. They are a supporting vendor and offer a custom GNX-style gauge cluster.
If you need a gauge cluster, check out GNS Performance. They are a supporting vendor and offer a custom GNX-style gauge cluster.
Thank you. I have seen them, however they are very expensive, and more importantly I like the original style better.