I have a few questions..


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Mar 21, 2012
I have an 87 GN 63k. The guy I bought it from had put a 3" down pipe, A Red Armstrong 93 octane chip, a wench style tie down strap connected to the alternator ?, K&N filter and bigger air intake tube. He also supplied me with all the original parts as well. Now here is what the car is doing.... Starts up great, cold idles great until it idles down. Then it stalls. It keeps stalling until up to running temp then runs great. Changed out coolant temp sensor and manifold sensor. No change. Used scan master tool to set TPS and IAC. No change. All of the settings are to spec on the scan master. Also under hard acceleration it seems like the transmission is slipping right before the car shifts. I took it to a transmission shop and they said that it is fine, but the throttle control needed to be adjusted since it was too far out. He adjusted it test drove it and said there you go.... I drove it and I didn't notice a change at all. It will redline like it is in neutral until you let off the gas and then it shifts. If you manually shift it, it is fine. I want to put the car back to stock as I feel it will more than likely run a hell of a lot better without all the toys bolted on. If I take out the Red Armstrong chip do I need a stock chip or will it automatically reset? If anyone can help me with any of these issues that would be awesome!! Car is in the body shop getting some fresh paint so I figured I would get some info. Thanks!
Get a turbo tweak chip burned for your setup. That will help. Post the scanmaster numbers after it warms up. Bet someone will see something in your numbers.
Obviously you need another tranny shop. Didn't you take the tranny tech for a ride and demonstrate the problem to him??
I will post numbers when the car gets back from the paint shop. As far as the tranny goes... I dont know. Ill tackle that after the paint and interior are done. Anyone know of a speed shop in south west Michigan that knows these cars? I got the car for a great price, but I didnt plan on it nickle and diming me this much.
Mine likes to get me for over a $1000 at a time.:D She's so expensive I'm getting another one to keep mostly stock. A cheaper date!!