I have a parts S-10 what can I use on it?


May 8, 2011
So I have had a '91 S-10 in my backyard for a few months and I wanna get rid of it, but I wanna use anything I can off of it. I read that I could do a brake swap? What parts do I need off of it? Also does the vacuum brake setup on them swap over? Or anything else I can utilize off this thing?? Thanks!
if it's a 2 wheel drive, then you've already got the exact same spindles and brakes on your car.. if it's a 4 wheel drive, it's all totally different..

you might be able to use some trim screws and other oddball fasteners and what not, but that's about it..
The rear brake stuff will cross over too. The 'upgrade' 2 piston brakes are from the round body s10s.

The master cyl might cross over. Pick a few food parts store website and see if an 80's monte carslo unit is the same part number as your S10's