I might be starting up a shop in south Everett


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Well i guess its time for me to start a shop for all us local Buick guys to hang out.:) Im looking at a shop on Hwy 99 just up the street from my house. Ive also been in contact with Dynojet and ive been thinking about getting one. I called Mike at little monster to see if he would sell his. He says the word is out that he knows how to make HP and he has more than enough bis;) I need to do something with my life and ive always wanted a shop. After 22 years at Boeing:rolleyes: i never thought it would come to this:eek: I hope that if this works out i will get some support from my buick friends:DWish me luck i will need it:D
Mike at Little Monsters rings a bell. He was going to get parts form me, but it looks like he got a better set up. Let him know that I can still get him parts.

Too bad you were not there about 2 years ago. I lived in Everett for 4 years. Hope it works out for ya!:D

First - Good Luck and congrats. :) :) :) :)

If you decide to go through w/the plans would it be just turbo cars or are you thinking of all types of H.P. work, rods/customs and may I dare say "imports" :eek: ?

I know up our way there isn't much in the way of shops that
cater to performance cars and rods. It's all mainly down in Kent/Auburn area or you have to head up to B.C.

If you're thinking of including the welding/fab side any chance of hooking up w/Shaun?

Keep us posted.

WOW, good luck man! Wish that was Everett Ma. I'd love to work on GNs for a livin. I usually stay buisy on the weekends with side work on em but every Monday it's back to the same ol $hit! Glad to hear someone can do it!

Best of luck!
You know you'd have my backing. As well as many others. I too could offer fabrication assistance if you do work at night. I can always use a second job. I can't tell you how much I hope this goes through. I'll give you any help I can.


P.s. I sent you a PM a while back. Did you get it?
Never mind about the PM i just got yours. I'm an idiot.

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Good luck Gene. Sounds like a great idea for a guy with your skill.

I thought you were part-owner in a shop at one time or another? Myabe I heard wrong? Either way, good luck with your new venture. Your reputation precedes you, especially in the Pacific Northwest :)
I know it will all work out for you. It would be awsome to have a place to hangout and BS and of course offer a hand in helping out:D

Nonetheless good luck!
Hey Geno
Now your talkin, I think you would be a great shop owner and will do well.
Anything I can do to help......let me know.
Thanks everyone for your support:)
We need to talk and i will be getting ahold of you..
Me and Shon will have shops next to each other because he is moving into the unit right beside mine. We may be teaming up on some projects:cool: I will be working on anything people let me LOL The shop has a paint booth in it and i might do a little body work. Im painting my T-Type right now just to sell and if the money was right id do the RIGHT car for the RIGHT price;) I HATE BODY WORK but it would pay the bills in a pinch:D
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This is the most exciting news I've heard in a long time. Go for it, Geno! We'll refer everyone we can to ya. Very cool you'll be next to Shawn. Super combo.
I was thinking (didn't hurt too bad) of an idea:

Frank had posted the thread of having a get together sometime this spring.

If Geno decides to undertake this adventure, maybe the
dyno-day could be held there or somekind of kick-off before Turbo
Thunder in Oregon.

Well Shon didnt get the shop next to the one im going to rent:(
We will be teaming up in my shop for a while and see how it goes:cool: I might need some help getting the place fixed up and anybody who could help me would sure be cool:) The place was a body shop and it needs some cleaning and painting :D
Id love to have a turbo get together after i make the place a little more respectable:eek: Its no DEI garage but its a start anyways:cool:

This sounds very cool! I'll spread the word as much as I can. I often get asked by people down here "who works on these cars?" You're only 3 hours north.

Speaking of that, I am headed to Seattle on Monday 1/26. I've got no plans after work that night, PM me the address if you think you'll be there, I'd love to check out the shop...and I'd be happy to push a broom, or whatever you need while I'm there.