I need a 5 point harness.... what brand and where?


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May 24, 2001
I need to get a 5 point harness before I take my car to Anderson's for a 6 point cage install. What brand should I get and where? I resisted as long as I could putting a cage in but getting kicked out early is getting old. Thankfully I never hit a 10 this year or they would have told me to do it or don't come back.

Local guys around here including me use the Crow harness:


...I have and prefer the cam lock(#11104) ...little more expensive but much easier to deal with...whatever you get make sure it has pull down adjustment straps...pull up are a PITA...IMO
I don't know squat about them other than they hold your crotch in place:D Anyone sell a maroon/burgundy one to match my interior? If not it looks like red. How do these prices compare to Summit and Jeg's? TIA
Any of the quality(SFI) units will do. Most if not all use the same hardware in one way or another. Some prefer the cam lock which is more expensive.I prefer the old latch type. I can put one on just as fast as most do a cam lock. Ive had most all of them.
What is the big difference in cam vs. latch? I need to get Doug in on this since he has the same basic car. Thanks for the replies!
Jeez Jess! They are the latching mechanisms that hold all the belts together in front of u.

Go to Simpson .com or any of the other sites and youll see the difference.:cool:
No no.....I knew that! I know how to look at pictures:D I mean is one more user friendly to get my fat ass in and out of the car:eek: :D
The best time to buy belts is in the spring as the are only good for 2 years. I think i have an expired set of simpson belts that i was going to put on e-bay if you just need something to get the car set up with.
you have to get used to whatever you are using....I like the old fashioned latch like Louie

most belts can be re-certified a couple of times after they expire

in AZ, buy 'em in the summer.......