I need a grocery list for autozone please:)


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Hi my fellow TB Brothers and Sisters. I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday weekend!!!
Ok guys I know this topic has probably been covered at least 1000 times. Straight up I have been trying to search for this information since last night around this time but it keeps saying “Oops! We ran into some problems“ everytime I attempt to search for this or any search related to this information that I need your help with. Please see the pic below. I know how annoyed some of the OG members get when they see threads that have already been covered. Trust me I read and respect all the rules of our forum.

Ok so onto my problem. As any of y’all who know me know that I bought my WE4 brand new in February of 1987. And I left it in storage in my sisters garage under a car cover. I got back into the car and am slowly restoring her to museum show car condition. And it’s 100% bone stock.
Now I noticed a few cracks in the vacuum lines. But all the check valves and plastic connectors are still usable condition. So I would like to head over to Autozone tomorrow morning and replace all the engine vacuum lines. Basically if someone can post up how many feet of what size ID vacuum hose is needed to do the whole engine. I’m not looking to delete anything like the egr or anything like that because next year my family and I will be moving to Los Angeles California so I want to keep the car 100% stock with the exception of the 60lb injectors and the Alky control kit. I know they have very strict car emissions laws out there. So I’m just looking to replace the vacuum lines with the same old rubber vacuum hose. Nothing fancy.
So basically I’m asking for the different sizes and lengths total needed to replace all the vacuum lines in the engine. Just Incase you need to know to determine how many feet I need to buy.
1) I still use powermaster brakes (so my vacuum block is all stock)
2) all my vacuum lines are the original 31 year old lines so I would like to change everything.
3) all my hardware (plastic elbows, that Y turbo connected looks great, plastic vacuum hose, egr solenoid and check valves are still good)

Any help would be great. I would like to buy all the needed vacuum line before I start then cut and replace the vacuum line as I make my way around the engine.

Thank all of you in advance for reading my request for help. And once again please have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.


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You can still search. Just go to your web browser and whatever your search subject is put "turbobuick.com+" before it (leave out the quotes). Some find this method better than using the search on here.
You can search this site from google by adding "site:turbobuick.com" to the end of what you are searching for... pic includedView attachment 327360
You can still search. Just go to your web browser and whatever your search subject is put "turbobuick.com+" before it (leave out the quotes). Some find this method better than using the search on here.

Good to know. Thank you me friends
Have a blessed day
Got to vatozone and buy 5 feet of every size they have. Then take what's left and put it in a box labelled ''vacuum lines n shit''.

You'd be amazed how often you go in that box instead of burning $2.69 gas making a special trip to the store.
Thanks. I’m sorry I tried to search for it but I kept getting an error message. See the pic attached.
But thanks so much for the information it’s exactly what I needed

No problem, sometimes a search can be fruitless. Unless you know the right keywords it is easy to come up empty.

I posted the link as I wanted that poster to get the credit. I save this kind of info to a text file. In this case I also saved the link. Could have easily posted the vacuum line list, but as mentioned I wanted the OP'er to get the credit.