i need a short block


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May 2, 2007
looking for a short block in decent condition. i broke my crank on my only daily driver and i need one asap please call 7037329530 if you can help
Im about to pull the stock motor out of my T Type. It has high miles, 143k, but i bought it and drove it home from KY and it runs like a champ. Has valve springs and timing chain already replaced. How much you looking to spend?
109 long block

I have a new 109 longblock for sale. Zero miles, still hasn't been picked up from the engine builder. The builder is Jay Wilker who used to be the engine builder for Richard Childress and Dale Earnhart Sr. The motor only had about 3000 miles on it but it was removed for a stage II motor. This was in the Grand Camino (if you know the car). The 109 motor was taken apart and everything was checked and reassembled with new rings, bearings and valve job. The engine has the Ruggles 210/205 cam, club pistons, billit center mains, stock crank and rods. The heads are 8445 with 1.77" int valves and they have been ported to flow better. This motor took the Grand Camino down the quarter in 11.42 sec with a 60 series turbo. Pictures are available upon request. It is located in SW florida (Cape Coral). You can contact me at 239-810-2552 if you are interested. The price is $3500.
still need a short block that wont break the bank

looking for an inexpensive short block to get my daily driver up and running again
I have a .010"/.010" crank fresh from the machine shop-$350. shipped with new bearings.
short block

I have a long block that came out of the grand camino and was freshened up. New rings, bearings, chain, oil pump etc. It is posted under parts for sale. I was asking $3500 for the long block but will sell the short block for $3100 + shipping. Call if interested 239-810-2552.
I have a stock long block, 176,000 miles, bearing knock, $400. Will deliver to Bowling Green, KY during Buick GS Nationals May 16 for an additional $100.