I need help with the floor in my shop.


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Aug 19, 2001
Help a poor guy with his shop

Hey I need some idea's with my shop, I have a 30'x40' metal building that I want to make my new shop.

I have checked on having concrete done for the floor but I can't afford it (estaments from $4500-$8500). what I would like to know is I heard that if you take your time it is not too hard to do the work yourself.

My question is how hard is it to do the work,and what is involved,and the steps I should take in doing it myself to get the flatest, and smoothest floor I can?

Any tips and ideas would be great, And by the way the concrete to do it myself will run $1300 TIA
Start looking for buddies & calling in favors! Hopefully you can find one guy who really knows what he's doing to direct a couple or three more people you can rope in to help. I've poured/helped pour two garages that size with the help of one friend who does floors/sidewalks for a living with the assistance of one other person. Concrete work is nut busting work for a short period of time, then after power trowelling to smooth the surface, there isn't much to do. I can't stress enough the importance of having one ace at the jobsite - many of those folks moonlight, so start asking around! Pretty much all of the preliminary work you can do yourself (gradelines-gradestakes-wire reinforcement etc) prior to the pour. Good Luck!
just did 10,000 sq ft.

I can send you some pics and call me. I will tell you what to do. Yopu can do it but do it once and be done. I had 10,000 sq ft ball peen blasted and my 3 guy employees and I did the paint and arragate. It came out great and I am so glad I did it. Floor cost me 2500 to blast and 5600.00 in paint epoxy 105 pounds of sand brushes and rollers. We did it in 40 degree temps too. Hard rollin cold. Epoxy two part PPG cement paint. Looks awesome!!!! I got some pics and I should start the new shop catalog on the site.
Hell I will email you now.
Good luck and call me for all the details. I will say it kicked my guys asses in the 12 hrs it took us just to paint ours but 30'by40' is nothin. I got 285 ft X 75 ft. Try that.. LOL :D I have approx 7000 sq ft of offices thats why the math aint there. Call
916-739-0510 and tell Amy to give you the cell # . I am over at the new place trying to get moved in and up and running.
Funny you ask this as I just went through it. LOL

Bruce thanks for the PICS but I need the concrete first but after I get that then I would love to do the epoxy on it, it looks great TIA