I need some help with THE swap!!!

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Ok, I need any and all help I can get from anyone on here. A very smart friend of mine has an 86 T Type. He has finally convinced me to ditch the nitroused LT-1 and go with Turbo 6 power. I was happy to ablidge after riding in his monster and with his help have decided to swap a 3.8 into a 3rd Gen Formula. I recently found a 4.1 long block with worked heads for $150 bucks. First off is that a good deal? My buddy said it was a damned good one. Second I need to know if there is anyone on here that wants to get rid of a COMPLETE 3.8 motor. By complete, I mean everything. A/C ( I'm in Texas), turbo, IC, all the accessories and a harness. A turbo T/A harness would be even better, but I'm always up for splicing and electronic work if need be. I could also use some motor mounts since I don't like the idea of paying $300 a pop if I don't have to. So anyone that can help me with this and give me some instruction on the swap would be a Godsend in my eyes. I want to know what I'm getting into before I dive in. I'm a planning person! So anyone that can, HHEEELLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!
Keep an eye on the trader, and I am sure you will find the parts you need there eventually. As a matter of fact I think there are some TTA parts on there now(crossmember, etc.)
The only part you might have problems finding would be the motor mounts, as I am sure they are discontinued.

Let us know how things work out!!!
Best to give me a call.

We are doing two Camaro Swaps right now in our shop.
One is a 86 Camaro and the other a 89 Camaro. I have pic's I could send you to let you see how it's done. We used stock GN lower mounts with the solid style "HR Parts N Stuff" Block mounts.
If your planning on running the A/C system it's going to need SERIOUS mods to work. We took that system out of the 89 but the 86 had just a heater so we worked around that. Anyway, both are working out Awsome. Both have PTE.72mm turbos,JE pistons,Allum GN1 Heads, one has DFI the other has SPeed PRo/ now called FAST. We fabricated the trans mount on both out of cage tubing. 9" ford rear ends with 3:89 gears and 28 tall ET Streets... I can fill you in on all the details give me a call anytime or leave your number on my recorder. Hope I can help....
Scott Klepinger, Power Concepts,Inc. Elkhart IN.
Hey, I'm not too far from you. If someone were to bring you a 3rd gen f-body, what is the ballpark figure to make it turbo-6 powered? This is a project that I was considering, but lack the skill and resources to perform. What would a good time be to give you call?

Up and running

Well our first hybrid is now alive and running. We had several 52%Throttle passes at 16lbs of boost smacking our heads on the back of the seat passes. Just testing the water on the Speed Pro system and inching up on the fuel curves before going WOT. Driveability is excellent! Have to hand it to Charged air Systems for building a excellent intercooler for us. Great job guys!
We may take the car to the track on friday if we get it somewhat dialed in on the street this week. HR Parts Motor mounts worked out better than ever imagined I wish all 3.8's had them on!
If anyone does have questions about the swap into a F-Body Camaro or Firebird Please don't hesitate to call anytime during the week! I'll do anything I can to help you! ~Scott Klepinger @Power Concepts,Inc. (219)266-7697