I need to go for a ride..........

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I would like to take a ride in a well tuned GN. I recently accuired one and it just doesn't feel right so I'd like to have something to compare it to. I could also use some help with tuning it given the fact that I'm new to the entire turbo scene. If it was N/A I could make it run but this turbo has me backwards and pulling my hair. The car just doesn't seem to be very smooth. I can handle it not being very fast right now but it could be a lot smoother. Any help would be appreciated. I'm more than willing to pay someone for their time but would like to learn about tuning this thing in the process of fixing it. Thank you in advance
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It would help to know where you live. I'd be happy to take you for a ride, if you live in Maryland.

That would help wouldn't it. I'm located in the Kansas City area.
well, I have a well tuned GN..buts its in storage right now. I'd be happy to help you tune your car if you need some help...gimme a call whenever....