i need your web address


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Dec 28, 2001
Hey guys i just wanted to see if you'd be interested in this.A friend of mine and i are almost done with the page layouts for our new club site for the G-body Club of Northern Illinois. here is where you guys would come in. we will have a links page with hopefully a bunch of links in it. we will have a G-body section, in sections of Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac, then have a
Mis. page, and a friends links. if you'd like to have your page in our friends links page please send them to me. they have to be vaild web address tha have no rerouting when you access the page, unless it is part of the design of your page. no sponsorship of any thing illegal will be tolerated. i will check every page that is to be added, and make sure it is G-body, or at least automotive
related. if you plan on sending a link to me please include your name and what the site is for/about so i can add it in. an example would be "Ray Bucks Monte Carlo site". so please send all
address to me at doms87ss@yahoo.com. thanks again.