I think I'm being set up!

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Im a big Cub fan and the win today against the lowly Pirates is great but as of right now my Cubbies are 2 games up on the Brewers, and I keep thinking that they are about to break my heart again. I guess its better that it goes down to the wire so they stay competitive but I dont think my nerves can take any more of this.The good thing is the Brewers are in Atlanta so there are no easy wins for them, and no days off the rest of the way. My Cubs better not blow this...I cant take another let down!:confused:
Eithier Way We Will Survive!

Been a true blue Cubs fan since 82 when my grandma took me to my first game. Win or lose Ill always be a fan, trying to figure out what to put on my brick I am going to order, brother and parents already have one at Wrigley-My brothers says "Bleeding Cubbie Blue Since 84!" Interesting talk of Mark Cuban buying Cubs-I guarantee if he does the Cubs will be winning the World Series in no time-as Mark Cuban is a winner and willing to spend the money!


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They are getting hot at the right time. Look what my Redbirds did last year. There is no doubt the Cubs have the talent. Let's just hope they don't trip over the goat. With the new playoff format, Zambrano and Lilly will get two starts each in the NLDS and maybe three in the NLCS. If Zambrano keeps his head attached, he has the best stuff in the league short of Peavy. Lou knows how to win, pray the Cubs will listen to him.
After tonights loss, the cubs are doing all they can to hand the division to the brewers. Personally I grew up with my father being a CHISOX fan and a grandfather that is a cubs fan. I am lean more to the SOX but want to see the cubbies win for G'pa's sake. Heck he is 90, let him see a cub's team in the WS.

As far as being "set up" that happend to all us bears fans shortly after Devin Hesters KO return in the SB. Been all downhill from there.....
the central is the worst division by far. I work for the pirates so i've seen way to many central divison games over my 7 seasons. The cubs have the best fans by far thou... they fill up PNC park and we don;t even have to give away bobble heads!