I took .2 off my 60' for $25

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Under Pressure
A while back.. my car would 60' like crazy with the rear end basically like it was when I got it. Best was a 1.45 on the footbrake and 1.47-1.49's were pretty common. It had some Cargo springs and I had added airbags and Bilsteins all around. The reason it would 60' so good was that my converter was stalling at like 4500 RPM. Well I sent the converter back to get it tightened up a bit to save me some RPMs on the big end and because I was only getting 400 RPM drops on the shifts. Ever since I got it back I could not get a decent 60' to save my life. Usually in the 1.7s with an occasional high 1.6. So before Reynolds, I boxed the lowers, put on a big rear swaybay, took off the front swaybar and installed transbrake. At Reynolds the car went a new best of 6.88@103.4 in the 1/8th and 10.69@128.5 but with the same ol' 1.67 60'. So after coming back from Reynolds, I spent $25 bucks on a old set of stock springs and took out the large cargo springs that were on the car when I got it. Went to local 1/8th mile track and with the same setup as Reynolds 1st pass went 6.79@103.46. This was launching at the same 3000 that I did at Reynolds. The difference is now the car felt like it left real soft whereas at Reynolds it like it lauched hard. I get the slip I see a 1.57 60'. So I raise my staging rev limiter to 3250 and ended up going 6.665@104.46 with a 1.493 60' and 6.633@104.53 with a 1.468 60'

Sometimes it's the simple things.

Great to hear about your 60' times coming back to life. You didn't mention what kind of overall ET's you were getting with the old [4500 RPM stall] setup, though. What's the scoop on that?
Best was a 10.80@125 with the loose converter. It went 6.87@99.5 in the 1/8th. I had the stock ECM then and changed shortly after getting tighter converter.