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Jun 8, 2001
ok, a few of you already know the condition of my car....I'm going to start tearing down the engine as soon as I secure a garage to do it in(parents won't let me keep it in their garage this winter:mad: ) while I have the engine completely torn down I figure I might as well upgrade some parts. for starters I plan on getting a walbro 340 and hot wire it(will need advice later as to how to install it) and bigger injectors to go with it w/ AFPR. depending on how bad the piston knock is I might have to have the cylinder walls bored....on that note what kind of aftermarket pistons and connecting rods are there for our cars. I'll probably want a bigger cam too. and without getting too ambitious i've though about new alum. heads and intake also.

my question the all of you is what parts to you recommend and how much should I plan on spending to get my car to hit 12.00et

and yes the very fist thing I buy before anything else will be a scan tool....so again are their any scan tools that are better than others?? and price.
I see you have a sperco intercooler kit what did you run with your set up. Just trying to find out what i am going to run with my set up. What turbo do you run , i have a sperco kit and 40lb injectors and ta33 turbo i am going with the comp cams 206 roller timing chain and lifters . As soon as i get the cam in i'll let you know how it does over stock.

take care
unfortunatley, I've never been able to run my car. every time it was running great and I'd make plans to take it to a track something else would go wrong. just like this time.....I was supposed to go up to the track this past wednesday(12th) but now my engine needs to be torn apart.

I would put my car at about the 13:80 to 14:00e.t. range
when it was running good about 2-3 weeks ago, I was hangin' with a '57 nomad with a healthy sounding 350 in it. he asked to race, so I stuck right with him stoplight to stoplight(from a fast roll because we never actually caught a red:rolleyes: ) but when we got on the highway....I blew his doors off!!! he has no top end what so ever. his nomad ran 14:40's he told me so this is how i'm estimating how fast my car would be currently
The only full run I've ever gotten with no problems with the Spearco I ran a 14.0 @ 106mph at 10psi. The guage was actually at the low side of 10, more like 9.5psi. I did go 12.9 @ 110mph with 18psi but that was with major problems (completely plugged catalytic convertor).

A stock bottom end is way more than enough for a 12.0. Until you're going for mid 10s or faster, keep it stock. You could do little things like polish the rod beams and stuff. TRW pistons are a good economy forged piston but stock pistons will get you where you want to go. Aftermarket rods will not clear a stock block without sleeving the oil pickup passage. It's not worth the time or money. The weak link is the block anyway.

Direct Scan is better than turbolink. It updates 16 times a second vs once every 1.25 seconds. In other words you get a lot more data with Directscan plus it will tell you things TL won't like injector pulsewidth and it can catch little glitches due to the faster update. I think it costs about $50 more and it's not as mobile. It doesn't plug into the ALDL like TL, you have to remove a panel from the computer to plug it it. The cord can tuck down between the seat and console when not in use.
will direct scan work on 84s

With an 87 ecm upgrade it will.

12's.....isn't that what most of us want? Fix you bottom end - Have it bored!! don't mess around. Get it running and go from there.