I Want One


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Sep 12, 2004

Just the ecotec powered version had me wanting one

and now this

I think its the best looking GM car in easy 20 years

and with an engine to back it up

I would love one of these for the twisties around here

if GM made one and sold it for 25-35k I think I would jump ship with the turbo regal
I'd love to have something like that. They want an extra $2g just for AC??? Looks pretty damn expensive. I'd rather have the Saturn version though. I hate the grill setup on the pontiac.
wow nice car for the price, seriously thinking about getting one.. and throw in a turbo with it :).
I think that price is in addition to the original cost of the car. You buy the car for $24k and then pay them $18k to put an LS engine in it, or $24k plus $38k for the supercharged version. Not so cheap.

If I could get one with a LS2 under the hood for $18k out the door, I'd buy one right now, but they're $24k at the dealers with the base 4 banger in them.
the strangest thing happened, my roommate with whom ive never spoken to about this particular car came in last night and tells me "hey i bought a new car" he was always talking about vettes so I assumed it was a vette, then he says "a solstice"

what are the odds of that happening

Dealers are marking them up but he ordered one for msrp which wont arrive till june or so, he paid 21k for it with a few options.

And who needs ac
I have been to that Mallet place, top notch facility. My friend recently got a job there just cleaning up around the place and they said they would pay for the schooling it would take to teach him how to do the various things they do there. i would take that in a heart beat, all they work on are Corvettes and Cadillacs, and I guess the Soltice.
Very nice car...reminds me of the Shelby and AC cars... However I think I'd contemplate an M coupe instead. :)