I would like to thank a few people for there help!


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Oct 23, 2001
Hey guys, I have to say there are some great individuals in our community and I would like to give a thanks. I trailed my car to CT Saturday morning to get it dyno'd and running right (I converted to a dist). I met Otto at Total induction Tuning Solutions (Tony Gomez's shop). We finally get the GN on the dyno and fix several problems, first one was massive coolant leak, Tony told me where the Nappa store was located and I got the part. then My mini starter took a dump after 4 years. I got one from napa and used Tony's tools. Then after figuring out why the car was popping we realized that ign was not setup properly ( I didnt ground the coil bracket :( ). We worked on my gn for almost 5 hours!These guys would not give up! Tony let me borrow his tools, wiring and almost took parts off his car for mine. My car was on his dyno for over 4 hours and must of made 15 pulls? I am grateful for there help and going out of there way. On the way to Ct my friend could not understand why I was goin so far for a dyno run. On the way home he said he wanted to bring his Mustang there, he could not get over what they did for me. I would also like to thank Cal hartline and his wife for helping me out with modding the fast box and info about the dist. Odell for letting me call him for tech support. and lets not forget good old Chuck Leeper, I owe you a pork sandwich.
My car made 519 RWHP at 24 psi (pump gas), I know my 70GTQ has more in it but it was a long ass day and there will be others. I am hoping Tony will have a Dyno day like Eric R did in the past.

Here are some pics


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Thank you for the kind words It was good to see you again, and your car back together. It was one heck of a day between Otto's flat tires on the trailer and your car's unwillingness to cooperate the the day was going down hill fast. Sure enough after a few fixes it started to show some promise and in the end we finally whipped her into cooperating :). By the way Dave from Napa said you can come back anytime !!.Let us know when you guys want to come down with the mustang and yes we are planning 2 dyno days one for cars and one for trucks stay tuned.:cool:
Wow, just saw this thread. Glad the car is getting sorted out, Ralph. I'm interested in seeing what it runs when you take it to the track. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

The shop looks great! I'm gonna have to plan a couple tuning sessions up that way so I can pay you a visit. With Jobe & Otto nearby, I'm sure the dyno will stay busy.
yeah, I need to go to NJ on a TnT day. I am hoping Wed is there slowest day.I will run the car on pump gas and see how it goes. Thanks again for your help Cal.