IAC interchangeability

Yes Sir..... He sure Does !
Any How, I Just Bought one from GN1 Performance ....$ 68 + 'bout $ 20 mailing from CA to WNY.
The great part is that it's got that same # stamped on it ....90513 !!!
So.....What I've learned through this thread is that apparently is the Newer AC Delco # that is stamped on the IAC for our ' 84-'85 engines . I can now put this to bed for myself ......What say you Black Fox ?
Thank you so much , Gentlemen. Don't Ya love it when a plan come's together.:cool:
I'm going to throw this out there. This is the OEM IAC taken off from my 85. I know it's the original part.
The number on it is:
It's of the 86/87 two-step taper pintle. :unsure:
At some point Buick must of made a change during the production of the 84 - 85 Hot Airs. My car came off the assembly line Oct 14th 1984.
Hi Dan, that's really interesting what you noted above. thanks for pointing that out. Aside from 84 -85 engine block casting #'s (& corresponding use of 14-bolt & 20-bolt oil pans), we've seen some interesting subtle changes from 84 to 85 turbo regals. the ignition module/coilpak bracket is one of those changes. And there are the differences with 84-85 turbo regals to the turbo Riv's as well. Now ADD to the list the IAC motors.

having your production data of October '84 is really helpful. curiosity has me wanting to view the throttle body IAC bores and seat profile for those pintles - but there's plenty ahead of that on the to do list.

Richie, glad you're able to close out this effort with a good solution.

And blackfox - looks like confirmation that 84 is one version of the IAC while 85 uses the 86-87 version. tough to figure out if you don't have original parts with which to compare.

They most likely changed the number , when production location moved to Mexico , & they got rid of the sticker & began stamping 'em . :sneaky:
So..... That's the # to look for , on AC Delco's , going forward.
Here's something else interesting...another example of what Dan noted the '85's using the 86-87 IAC. pictured below is an '85 engine built 15 March 1985. And like you both noted above, the same IAC motor, 90513 heat stamped for the top #, just like the OE IAC's for 86-87.