IAC jumps around...too much?


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I just put my motor back in (head gasket) and got everything going fine, but the IAC seems to jump around a lot. I understand its suppose to alittle but I'm seeing changes on T-link from 20% to 28% My TPS changes slighlty too .43-.42 I tested the voltages with a voltmeter and everything looked good (TPS). This is all while its just idleing. Its going pretty smooth but has a small "hic-up" like for a few firings it isn't smooth then goes back, is this normal. My combo is in my sig.

make sure your car is totally warmed up,atleast 160 degrees put the car in gear, and put your foot on the brake

what does it read then?
i think thats the most accurate IAc count you can get.:D

usually mine starts up rather high and as it warms up, it comes down to what it was originally set at

btw what did u set it at?