IAC valve


I believe that I need to replace the IAC valve I have cleaned several times and it shows wear on the pin so I don't believe that it sets completely. I have a miss or surge when the car is cold and seems to go away when it is warm. My question, can I just install a new valve and will the computer make the adjustments automatically. I read about the "counts" which makes no sense to me aand I don't yet have one of the computer programs to read errors or the counts.

I had the exact same problem with my car, except it was reversed.. When it went into closed loop, it would idle poorly and not too responsive. When changing the IAC, it would be best to reset the base idle and check to make sure the TPS is adjusted correctly... :mad: I believe when you said counting, you were refering to grounding the ALDL port and counting the flashes of the "service engine soon" light, however I coul be wrong. When my IAC died, there were no codes stored in the ECM, so if thats what you're talking about you will no get a stored code for ECM failure on the 84/5 ecm. Hope that is some insight :cool:

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When it went into closed loop, it would idle poorly and not too responsive

Sounds like an O2 sensor issue to me ... hmm.

I love BFH's technical description of IAC counts :) I think counts just refers to how much the IAC motor is operating... the more counts, the more air the IAC motor is pumping around the throttle blade.

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