Trouble with valve springs

Joe Armstrong

New Member
Apr 27, 2018
I made a valve spring compressor similar to the ones I’ve seen here. I have the cylinder pressurized with air. When I compress the spring assembly the valve moves into the cylinder. The valve stem sinking won’t allow me to pull the keepers.
The center of the valve spring is fully exposed and is not being compressed. I also turned up the air without any luck.
I’m not sure what to do at this point. Any ideas?
with air in cylinder and piston at bottom ,
take a spark plug socket and put it on the retainer and tap lightly with a hammer
it will free up the locks
Are you sure the cylinder is pressurized? Do you hear air escaping when the valve opens?

Make sure you rotate the piston to TDC before you remove the springs.
That did the trick! I found a broken damper on #3 exhaust. Any recommendations on replacement springs? I have a 206/210 roller cam with 1.65 roller rockers.
I went to Champion Cylinder heads today and bought those exact springs!!
Champion Irons?
PAC 1201x (x is more durable, but cost more $$). I believe same seat & open psi.
I went with Comp behives recommended by one of the members on here that changed out his 1201's with a similar cam to yours and mine