Powermaster brake switch only used for testing

Bad exhaust valve guide was cause of mine years ago. Very intermittent but when she smoked it would fog in the neighborhood and then clear up.

That sounds familiar. I just replaced mine. It’s gotten somewhat better. I did add a catch can too. So we’ll see.
Needing advice! I’ve been chasing the infamous intermittent blue-ish/white smoke. It’s random, sometimes on start-up, sometimes at idle, sometimes nothing at all for a few days. Recently, I just went on a 90 minute drive and it ran well. When I got home, shut it off for about 10 minutes, then started it up to move in garage and immediate smoke. I’m now suspecting maybe the turbo.

I did a Compression test: Averaged about 150

I did a Leak-down test: #5 cylinder 22%, #6 cylinder 30%. All other were between 12-14%. So I did replace the valve stem seals.

Turbo drain tube is clear
Down pipe & exhaust manifold doesn’t seem oily
(pics below)

Any other suggestions or advice would be appreciate. Thanks in advance
did it solve you issue? having similar issues. white smoke when deceleration