Powermaster complete units, taillights, headrest for sale


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Jul 2, 2018
Hi everyone,
Before you read anything further please understand that I do not do PayPal or any other electronic payment anymore. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone up here. This has been the best forum I’ve ever been a member of. I was completely ripped off on the Bmw S1000RR Forum a few years ago and my EX bank sided with the buyer 45 days after the $600 Akopovic exhaust system was delivered to him. (He dropped his bike, destroyed the exhaust and returned it as a broken item 45 days later). I did everything I could to fight it with pics and links to the original threat. Long story short PayPal sided with him because he sent the payment as a gift which entitled me to no protection. And I told him not to send it as a gift because I got it trouble for that once before on the forum so I never asked for fees again.
So the only payment I can accept is a usps Money order or cash deal in person if you are in the Daytona area or have any friends who can buy it for you. Unfortunately that’s the only way I can take a payment which is why I don’t do anymore selling online. Just for the record. If I cash your money order and don’t send you the items agreed on then I just committed 2 felonies, I’m a retired nyc firefighter who survives on my pension and a word trade center social security disability both of which I earned and worked my ass off for 22 years. Now one felony can put my Pension, benefits,health insurance, wtc death benefits, and my family’s health insurance in jeopardy. So I have absolutely no desire to steal from anybody here. Anyone who sends me a money order will receive 2 forms of photo id from me to set your mind at ease. Please don’t ask me to ship to you first. I’m only selling and telling my whole story because I need fast cash to finish up my daily WE4 and clear out my storage unit to save $300 a month on storage fees. Not to mention these units can cost up to $45-50 to ship. So best I can do is give you my word that I would never steal from anyone. Under any circumstances. Ok now that that’s out of the way. I have a total of 5 powermaster units. 2)are 100% working, 1) needs a brake switch that I ordered and will be ready to install in about 4 days with a new/used switch guaranteed to be ready to drop in. 2) units need to be rebuilt (motors work, needs accumulator ball replacement). Now I’m only selling 3 of the 5 units. I’m got to keep the 2 that don’t sell because I have decided to convert both my WE4 cars to vacuum brakes but I still want to keep a powermaster unit for each of my cars because I always want to keep all parts of my car to keep my cars complete. Now they are all different prices because of mileage and exterior condition.

1) 35k original miles from my original WE4 that I still own. This unit looks abs works beautiful. $400 shipped lower 48

2) 88k came from a 86 GN that I parted most of it out. I drove on this. I witnessed it working perfectly. I was the one who removed it. As I was preparing it for storage I filled the motor section up with clean fluid. But you still need to gravity bleed these systems. You can burn these out while installing them if you’re not careful. $350 shipped.

3) 58k sitting in my WE4 right now. Right now it’s working fine but I had some issues with the brake switch. Once the switch is installed. I will run it through my tests to make sure it’s good to go. $350 shipped with new switch. $275 shipped without switch. Or with current switch that was acting stupid

4) 78k was removed from a t type a few years ago. The motor and switch are good. Needs accumulater ball (bad diaphragm)
$250 shipped

5) I don’t know the mileage on this one. Same as the above one. Motor works. No hose from motor to reservoir Need accumulater ball. $250 shipped.

All units except for the first one listed show signs of wear and 30 years of use and will be dirty. I will spend an hour cleaning them before I ship them.

I will keep the last 2 units that are left to go with my cars. To keep them complete.

I’m also selling a very very very used set of rear taillights with bezels. Have a few cracks but are completely together and are definitely good for a backup set of rear lights to keep. Bezels are mint.
$75 plus shipping

And one grand national front seat headrest in mint condition $50 plus shipping.

Genuine oem ign coil no problems $40 plus shipping

Oem tps and iac as a set mint 58k $60 shipped lower 48

Front and rear complete window molding
$40 each shipped lower 48 (I bought then used repainted black on eBay years ago)

Used good oem camshaft,lifters, stock springs free just cover shipping.

Once you send me a pic of the money order made out to me I will mark it sold.

Give me a few days for all the pics. If you’re interested in something and need pics ASAP please message me and I’ll get them to you.

Thanks for reading
First dibs on the headrest pending pics.
Shipping would be to Niagara Falls, NY 14304
PM sent

ill take the window moldings and the camshaft with the other free stuff
I can come and pick them up one day next week , your in Daytona correct
Plz send me pics of this unit in itemt#1

1) 35k original miles from my original WE4 that I still own. This unit looks abs works beautiful. $400 shipped lower 48
Thanks for all the inquiry’s. I will have pics for everyone within the hour or 2
Pics of the headrest. The seatbelt bracket screw holes are not stripped
I tested them against mine 5 minutes ago.


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Pics of taillights. Like I said they ain’t mint. But good for spares or a hoopty regal.


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Pls PM pricing with shipping included for the Head Rest
Shipping to Niagara Falls, NY 14304

Pending sales awaiting payment as if 3/10/2019 midnight:
Free camshaft/lifters/stock springs
Windshield molding

Prices are obo on #2,#3,#4,#5 powermaster units
TPS/IAC ,Ignition coil (genuine oem used but perfectly functioning)
Sorry for the long post. It’s kinda hard to list these valves without the back story.

I found a complete set of used but completely straight Manley Titanium standard size intake and exhaust valves. That I forgot that I had.
Ok, I have to tell you that I bought these a very long time ago (I wanna say maybe 15-20 years ago if that’s even possible) back when I was a firefighter I bought these from a police officer who was a die hard GN buff since the day I met him. unfortunately for me to keep it 100 with y’all on here there are only 4 truthful facts that I can tell you about these valves.

1) they will work in a stock head. And stock shortblock internals. I know this because the original owner of these sold me them because he upgraded to aluminum heads. I was set to put these In my 87 GN but wound up getting a very generous cash offer for that GN about 5 years ago

2) they where all measured by hand with a micrometer and caliper in 2013. When I was a student at Wyotech college for motorcycle mechanics during the Engine module of my core training (core training turns a student into a motorcycle mechanic. Then you pick what specialty that you want your degree as well as any manufacture certifications that are offered to motorcycle mechanics at that time. I chose Asian concentration then after graduation I went back for Harley Davidson/Domestic concentration, then ASM business management). So anyway I apologize for getting off the topic. I talk a lot. I’m board. So anyway during the Engine module all we did was tear down engines, measure everything, then reassemble them correctly. So I brought the valves here in to measure them for extra points. I can definitely tell you that they are all straight, no crazy runout, i remember doing a page of paperwork on each valve and they were all straight. Now unfortunately I nore my instructor st the time actually knew the manufacturer specs for these valves but all intake valves measured identical, as did all the exhaust valves. And I wasn’t the only person to measure them both my lab partner and instructor also measured them and we all wore gloves and did not man handle or drop anything.

3) if you’re unhappy with these and it’s because of me representing these as something they are not then I will give you 3 days from the day they are delivered to you to return ship them to me for a full refund.

4) I will donate 50% of what’s left over after shipping to one of the charities that benefit the children who lost one or both of their parents on 9-11 or who passed on in the following years due to wtc related illness. It makes sense because my friend who sold my these valves along with a ton of other parts over the years passes away in 2011 from wtc related illness. Plus I know what it’s like to loose your dad as a child. I will find a genuine charity that benefits the children of all first responders firefighters, police officer, EMT-D, paramedics, transit workers, office of emergency management, port authority police, etc. and I will update this thread with a photo of the receipt for the donation. And the donation is for the sale on the valves only.

As far as the price goes I paid him $150 for them a while ago. So I’m gunna ask for $150 shipped to lower 48. I can probably go lower in the price if you don’t need the box they came in. Because I can definitely wrap these up like fine china and pack them in a usps priority flat rate box and save money. But if you need the original box they came in then unfortunately I can’t do much or the shipping will probably have to be parcel post with a tracking number. I honestly have no idea what they are worth nore can I tell you what they measure out to because I don’t have the papers that I measured them with. So please forgive me if I’m asking too much. I know he only had these in his GN for a few months. I guarantee no more than 300 miles on them. If that.


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Also listing a stock core turbo. That I ruined with a rookie mistake. I wasn’t gunna list this because I was embarrassed but I could use whatever money I can get.

The compressor wheel is pretty chewed up. This was a good running turbo until I took my engine apart to clean it up because the car say for 21 years without running and with the same coolant.
After I put the engine back together I forgot about a piece of paper towel the was placed by me in the exhaust side of the turbo. And started the car I guess the turbo tried to spin with the towel Jaming it and next thing I know my wheel is seized and I wound up buying a used one.
This is for the turbo only !!!
No exhaust elbow included
No wastegate included
No oil inlet adapter fitting included.

$100 shipped to lower 48
$60 cash picked up in Daytona Beach Florida
Price is obo but shipping isn’t cheap especially priority


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$65 shipped parcel post
$69 shipped priority mail
Both services come with a tracking number

I'll take the headrest....consider it SOLD
I would like shipped priority mail please.
Sending PM with shipping details.


Update as of 3/11/19 @ 8am
Taillights sold
Free cam sold
Window molding sold
Everything else is still available price is negotiable
Can you post a few more photos and side photo/condition of seals below canister of PM unit #1.
I am in Miami area, could be interested.
Good morning everyone a little update:

85-87 Grand National Headrest is available again. (This sale is for only one headrest. I only have one for sale).

Everything else except the taillights and free camshaft are available.
Prices are negotiable within reason. If you have an offer message it to me please.