Powermaster complete units, taillights, headrest for sale

The grand national headrest is for the Drivers side. (I forgot they were directional). And the price is dropped to $60 shipped to lower 48 via parcel post with a tracking number.

And thank you Matt “Grass Doctor” for picking up the window moldings and the Camshaft, lifters, and springs. It was nice meeting you. It’s always nice to meet good people in a state that I’m new in.
Powermaster unit #3 sold.
Taillights sold.
Free cam gone.
Windshield moldings sold.

Everything else is still available
I apologize to the multiple members asking me for pics of different parts. I was very sick over the past day and a half. I should have pics up tonight.
Powermaster unit #1 sold
Powermaster unit #3 sold.
Taillights sold.
Free cam gone.
Windshield moldings sold.

Everything else is still available
I’m adding a valve spring compression tool I used it once to change one set of valve springs.
$35 shipped anywhere USA


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Few more parts I found in my closet:
Genuine oem Stock timing cover. 89k miles. Original oil pump gears and filter housing together. Also includes a new melting oil pump gear set stock volume,Fel pro water pump, oil pump, fuel pump blockoff gaskets. And I’ll throw in a high volume adapter plate and shims in the event you decide to purchase high volume oil pump gears. Does not come with any high volume oil gears.
Has one stud that you will need to remove.
Came off a running car. Minor cam button Wear.
$80 obo plus shipping

Complete analog gauge cluster. Works but isn’t mint looking. Comes with a brand new zero miles Casper’s rear wire ribbon with alternator resistor soldered into the ribbon so you don’t have to worry about the volt light. Comes with 2 tachometer/boost lights. Both need to be recalibrated
I believe the mileage is at 59k
$100 plus shipping
(I paid more for the ribbon wire then what I’m asking for everything)

Stock air filter housing set. Comes with mount, bolts, inlet vent, outlet soft hose from maf to turbo. Does not include the maf sensor or air temperature sensor. The air filter element was thrown away. Will come with a fresh coat of paint if you want.
$65 plus shipping


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Ok as far as the powermaster units go. I have one unit left.
Powermaster #4 which needs an accumulator ball. Everything else works and looks great. Comes with one extra (working) brake pressure switch. So both brake switches are used oem and both are working. All you need for this powermaster unit is an accumulator ball. I tested this unit on my car with a known Working accumulator ball. So I’m sure that all you need is the ball. I will include the ball with the bad diaphragm in case there is a core charge when buying a new ball.
$225 shipped to lower 48. This is my last powermaster unit for sale.

Everything else is still available
Taillights shipped today.
As the money orders arrive I will update this thread every time something ships out. And the tracking number will be messaged to the buyer.
I got another stock turbo coming up for sale. This one also needs a rebuild or at least a new thrust plate. Has about 1mm in and out shaft play. Good core. The blades are not damaged or touched. I inspected it.
No wastegate.
$100 plus shipping this is the only price that is firm. Blades are perfect
TTT , I’ll do the 2nd stock turbo I posted for $100 shipping with the bell.
Has 1mm in and out shaft play. Prop never made contact. Blades are perfect.
I’ll eat the shipping to lower 48 only.
Still available:
GN drivers side headrest $60 shipped
Powermaster (needs accumulator, good motor and switch) $200 shipped lower 48
Excellent Brake pressure switch $45 shipped usa
Stock turbo good blades. Has 1 mm in and out shaft play. Good core. No wastegate no elbow. Comes with bell
$110 shipped USA
Good Used oem IAC $20 shipped USA
Used oem ign coil $40 shipped lower 48
Used Manley valves for stock heads. Price drop to $80 shipped.
Oem coil with gasket and new bolts.
I replaced it because my car wasn’t starting and I fell into that replace instead of checking components. Car runs and drives great on it.
$40 shipped lower 48


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Bump ttt
2nd stock turbo shipped

Some things that I marked as sold deals fell through. Feel free to message me even if I marked it sold. Unless I mark it as “shipped” then feel free to ask me about it.