Iam in quite the pickle


Uh oh.. Look who got ALKY
Nov 13, 2003
Ok sorry but this isn't car related or anything like that, and normally i do not post anything like this but i need some advice from everybody that can help me ok here it is
I have been goin out with this girl for just about a year and a half right, i mean things have gone pretty good there are things that make me angry about her of course like certain things she does or dosent do her attitude towards certain things, how spoiled and childish she acts and stuff like that but other than relationship has been alright
now i met this other girl about a month ago never knew she liked me she never made it known cause she knew i had a g/f but just recently i found out so we have been talking and let me tell you she is great looks awesome and everything that i could ever want in a girl she is and than some. i have taken a break with my current girl because of something she has done with school so i said let me see how this other girl is and now that i have done that i dont want to let her go, becuase than i know i will never get another chance. iam only 20 years old, i currently have a Associates deggre in Computer Network Operations and going for my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and i also work fulltime as a comp. tech and i have no time and the girl i have been with is no where near my level when it comes to work and school so i dont know what to do, i really dont think i want to get back with the girl i have been with because this other girl is so incredible same goals as mine everything. please guys help me out or some advice i need something :( oh iam not in love with anybody either if that helps at all..
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i really dont think i want to get back with the girl i have been with because this other girl is so incredible same goals as mine everything.

This is your answer bud! You mentioned the important things in a relationship right here!:cool: You'll be MUCH happier if this one works out.
Thanks guys i just wanted to make sure i wasn't wrong cause right now my family wants to kill me , but thanks a lot guys sorry to sound like a lil girl with my problems..
Important point #1: If you're only 20, chances are, whichever girl you pick- it wont be the one you end up with.

Important point #2: ALL prospective g/f's seem awesome at first....I think anybody can tell you at least 5 stories about a maniacal, back-stabbing hose-hound who, at first, came across as beautiful, intelligent and level-headed.

Have fun, but try not to really scar anybody.
I completely agree i was worried about that maybe she just seems perfect, but as i talk more and more and see for myself its like a dream, and i know the main thing in my head is iam still young and marriage is not even a thought right now. and hurting anybody is the last thing i want to do but it almost seems certain, but i think that in a relationship you go into it knowing there will be risks.

i dont know iam very stressed out so maybe i will just see which one can handle my car better :) hehe
Have fun, but try not to really scar anybody

Man.... that is good advice. I dumped a girl pretty hard one time. Basically told her to forget my phone number not so nicely. I was a total ass to her and I guess she felt pretty strongly for me so it must have hurt her pretty bad. About a month later she tried to run over me. I was riding my motorcycle and she comes up behind me in her pos and were going through town about 70-80 with her right on my back tire. Luckily we passed a cop and he shut her down. Don't know if she got a ticket or what but man was I scared. Over the next 3 months she would call me in the middle of the night screaming she was gonna kill me. Wheeeeww, I'm sure glad she got over it without me having to get the axe. I deserved it though. Another of lifes lessons. LOL :D :D :D Tread softly gentlemen.

Just kidding. Well, actually, pics would help. But without them, I would say you seem to be in good shape. You're not cheating, you're not in love. She's not pregnant. Go ahead and see if the grass is greener on the other side. You still are young and seeing what this world has to offer. Learn a little from each relationship and eventually you'll find the right one. Trust me.

But pics would help.
Misery loves company!!

I'm going thru the very same thing now...
The first girl was really smart and laid back.. alot like me.
She dumped me after 3 months.
The second was not so hot looking, but had an intense desire to be rich.. kinda my opposite.
The third was both.. she left just before Christmas...

So I just settled for a nice, average looking, average intelligence, girl....

With huge tits!!!!!:p :p
Tell you what...

Best way/place to think about it is in Rio, Brazil during Carnival.. The atmosphere will provide you every opportunity to worry about women stateside....................................NOT!

So for the not so helpful advice.. But in hindsight, I would choose the one with the milf like wendy said.

Or alternatively instead of flipping a coin, take them both into 7-11 and ...

If one buys a can of Skoal (spitting) loose her..

Now the one that buys the BIG GULP.......well self explanatory :D
hahaha thats great actually from reading some of your answers i think i made up my decision i think iam gonna go with the new one, if it dont work out ah well iam still young and got some good things goin for me right now you know. but everybodoy i really appreciate the reply's thanks a bunch
Look on the bright side even if both of the chicks don't work out you still have the one important thing in your life the GN, if that doesn't help take wendys advice
Listen to what TurboT said. You aswered your own questions dude. Funny when we talk long enough we answer our own questions, but normally don't listen to ourselves. Dump #1 and see how long before you find enough wrong with #2 to go out and find #3. After all dude, you are only twenty.

Whatever you do, show both of them respect. It's a great habit to get into when you're young, and it will dam-n rare get you in trouble like disrespect will 75% of the time.