identifying 87 ecu?



Hey guys, i was diggin under my hood yesterday and realized that the coilpack system is from an 87 so now im wondering if the ecu is from an 87 as well? The chip in the computer is a delco chip (thats what it says) so i need to know the difference in the MAF between the 85-87 and the PN for the early and late ecu

Thanks again - Evan
Just post the part number listed on the ECM. That'll let us know weather or not it's converted. If it is though, you'd have a MAT sensor somewhere along the intake. You don't need an '87 ECM to control an '87 coil pack if it's properly converted.
Honestly i thought that maybe it had been changed just because the coilpack had (and maybe he did the rest?) But now that you mention it I dont remember seeing an air temp sensor. Ill get the PN but i think its 85 still. Id hate to ordre the 87 one and find out thats what I had!

Thanks- Evan

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Most people simply convert the coil pack and module with an inexpensive harness and adapter plate. The '84-'85 parts cost a small fortune ($800) while the later years are way more reasonable ($200). The ECM is a whole different story, but is another inexpensive mod which lends itself quite well to scantools. There are instructions on and carries all the necessary parts.