if you liked GT4.....get ready GT5!

The game does look bad ass. But it should considering the amount of time it has been in development. I am pretty sure James Cameron put Avatar together and released it in a smaller time frame. :D

I figure GT5 will be the PS9's pilot game.
YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS ITA ABOUT TIME SONY!!! Huge GT fan, I can name almost all of the cars in every game:biggrin: and I know which tracks are real and fake.
I wish they combined GTs mass amount of cars and indepth tunning w need for speed street courses. Better yet have real cities and streets. I was pissed couldnt get the GN faster in the 1/4 than the viper.. not very real world.. lolollol will gnx reappear?
As far as the cars go, I think it will be a lot of carry-over from GT4 with a few new cars sprinkled in................plus damage mode.

I don't have a PS3 yet but this gives me a good reason to get one.