ignition switch


Mar 22, 2012
Hey jus hooked up a small block, now my ingition swtich isnt gettin any power. It was runnin before the swap now nothin. What wire do i need to hook up to make this work.
There should be 2 large wires in the engine harness that go to the positive post on the starter. This sends power to the fuse panel when the ignition is turned on.
If they are red i have them both connected to the started with a wire to the battery. But nothin i checked everything and no power.
Sounds like it's time to get the volt meter out and make sure everything that should be hot is working. I think those red wires have fusable links on them so make sure oyu have voltage at the starter then make sure it's getting to the fuse box. If not there could be something in the switch not working.
I have voltage to the starter. We hooked up a remote push start to the starter and it turns over. But when i turn the ignition i get nothin
But is the voltage making it to the fuse panel when the ignition is turned on?

No voltage to the fuse panel is a different problem than the ignition switch not turning the motor over. There is a small wire in the same harness, I think it's purple, and it goes to the starter solenoid. This wire also may not work if the steering column section down by the instrument cluster isn't in the proper position. The reverse lockout could be keeping it from starting.
Theres voltage to the fuse box, cause when i turn the key over my gauges work and my light work. We changed the ignition switch cuz i broke my key ill have to pull the steering wheel n check again