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  • Dusty, been trying to get you , old # doesn't work, need new converter for new set up, Thanks, bobltrelectric@optonline.net
    Dusty, I am interested in a price on a PTC 9.5 NLU converter for my car. Can you contact me so we can discuss? jwwoods99@gmail.com
    Dusty, like many others, I'm searching for a torque converter. Based on your reputation on the board, I'm looking to get one from you. If you want to shoot me an email or something we can figure it out. My email is livefast_ftw@yahoo.com Thanks!
    hi Dusty I am on the way of buying a ptc but from your knowledge what i need? here is my combo: RPE stage 2 built for 8 sec 160 lbs inj cam secret of Bbby ,turbo pt-76 75 GT42 style ball bearing machined compressor wheel with 1.28 a/r transmission 400 with TB rear end 3.42 car with me 3445 pounds tire slick 28 10.5 i got the pumkin turbo for trial it's PT-88 84 GT 47 style ,96 a/r
    hello Dusty, I hope you don't mind me PM'ing you. I have had several people refer your PTC 10" l/u converter. I had a thread today "2800 or 3200 rpm stall converter?" that turbo nasty recommended I call you about a specific setup. What would the price be for a 3k stall and would there be any benefits over the 2800 for my application, thanks.

    my combo in that thread
    Hey Dusty. My name is Paul west ... I was wanting to see what converter you would recommend for my car 87 gn Motor is out being built by William Avila in ok. I'm putting a 210/215 roller cam have ported champion heads race Pistons alky, 6262 journal bearing turbo. going to be driven on the the streets mostly . but will see the track maybe a couple times a months in cooler weather . Email pdwest63@yahoo.com
    Hey man I'm interested in a non lock up 3200 stall. if you have time turbojames41@gmail.com or -15195671478 (canada)
    Hey Dusty, I am kinda pricing things out and I wanted to know how much you sell a 9.5in multi disc 3200 lock up converter for? You can email me at jcounter1993@gmail.com if that's easier thanks.
    Dusty, looking for a PTC 2800 10" lock up converter can you email the price and shipping to 20613. svenh44@hotmail.com or call 301-801-5356

    I'm looking to purchase a converter you could reach me at email hubcity3544@yahoo.com oh Call me at 562-644-3one20
    I would like to order a converter just wanted to go over details. I left you a voice mail.. Or if you prefer email doug51501@verizon.net
    I'm currently building a 509 bbc. I was looking at the Race Flow Development 24 degree edelbrock heads. Do you have any suggestions on the heads. I know you have gone super fast on the edelbrock heads. My engine builder I leaning towards a brodix head, I just wanna make sure I make the right choice. Twin 84mm 509 bbc dart steel block.
    Dusty Bradford
    The RFD heads are much more suited to boost than the Brodix due to the HIP casting. I only have experience with max effort conventional set-ups but the Brodix headhunter has been known to crack in the same application. These are 2500-3000hp applications. If 2000hp is enough, I'm sure the Brodix will be fine.
    Any idea on what convertor to use on a t64e turbo? stock bottom end, ported heads, cam, pte intercooler. 3.5" dp external gate. I was told you sell recommend and sell them?
    Dusty Bradford
    What et are you looking for? Stock or aftermarket cam? What rpm do you turn it?
    Dusty, I'm ready to get that converter coming my way. Give me a call and I can fill you in on the cars upgrades.
    832-877-3274 Charlie
    I'm looking for a converter for my 87 T. Here are some specs: TE44, 210/210 roller, mild port and polish, 42.5 injectors and a 3" down pipe. My car is mostly a street car with a few passes at the track here and there for fun. I have only ran the stock converter in the past and I would like a converter that will work better with my combination. What stall and converter do you recommend?

    Would you please call me at 405-359-7823?

    Tranny had several problems but I drove it to the transmission repair place and it has been a nightmare for the builder who has worked several GN’s here and has owned his shop for 44 years. He’s been in it 3 times already and I thought we had solution.

    I was fine until I read this comment from Bison “Were the stator support bolts loose? I wouldn't reuse that converter.”
    Hey Dusty, are you running drag radials? I am currently running 28 x 10.5 x 15 MT slicks, but I want to run some P325/50R15 MT drag radials on the steet. The section with is 0.6" wider on the radials. I am using 5.5" back spacing with frame notched and was wondering if you are using this size MT drag radial on you car. It looks like I might have enough room to fit them but its close.
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